Matt Baer


Matt has been using the computer as a creative tool for over 18 years — from hand-written websites, to TI-BASIC programs, to Flash games, to modern web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Writing code is the easy part; building something good, that does good, is the challenge.


November 2015–
Founder & CEO, / Musing Studio (née A Bunch Tell) is a focused place for writing your thoughts — whether for yourself, your friends, or the wider world. Today it powers over 150,000 sites, and serves writers, students, magazines, and public libraries.

October 2015–February 2018
Senior Mobile Engineer, Breezy HR

Expanded the capabilities of a user-friendly applicant tracking system to mobile, launching a native Android app and developing the iOS app in Swift.

June 2013–July 2015
Lead Android Developer, SportsYapper

Led Android development on a top-ranked sports social media app.

March 2012–May 2013
Web / Mobile Developer, MoGo Mobile, Inc.

Extended the functionality of augmented reality platform FreshAiR, enabling immersive educational experiences for students around the world.

January 2007–August 2009
Junior Developer, Tracen Technologies

Designed and built websites, including the company website at the time, and several client projects.


August 2008–May 2012
Radford University

Major | B.S. in Computer Science: Software Engineering & Database
minor | Music History