Matt Baer

Matt Baer is the founder and CEO of He also makes prose, code, photos, and music.


  1. — simple, privacy-centric blogging. Start writing.
  2. for Teams — calm, focused team communication. Create a team.
  3. Read — a reading space for Start reading.
  4. WriteFreely — self-hosted blogging / text publishing. Start a blog.
  5. — painless community hosting. Start a community.
  6. — simple writing submission. Accept submissions.


  1. — photo galleries and essays. Get notified.
  2. — ActivityPub-enabled reader. Look.


Write as Matt A mix of personal stories and thoughts on tech.
Snap as Matt Travel photos.


  1. @ilikebeans on Twitter
  2. @thebaer on GitHub
  3. matt on
  4. LinkedIn