Matt Baer

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Simple image hosting and photo essay publishing.

Anonymous publishing tools.


Publish HTML quickly and anonymously. · Android · iOS

Publish a thought in seconds.


Painless, cross-platform note-taking. Built on

Easy text-based collaboration, powered by

Open source, self-hosted blogs built with

websites I've built

A Bunch Tell

A home for A Bunch Tell, LLC, the formal entity for all my personal projects — especially

Dublin Animal Hospital

Created a simple informational site for a brick-and-mortar business which needed to automatically provide customers with most up-to-date information, such as monthly specials. Utilized responsive design and modern web concepts while still supporting IE. Also provided SEO services and maintained location data on map services, like Google Maps.

Late Night Motion

Official site for the electronic band.

Technologies: HTML, CSS3, PHP

Matt Baer Design

Old website showcase site.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, RequireJS, History API

legacy projects / stepping stones

These are projects I've developed and since moved on from.

LunchTable · Android

Chat with anyone in the world without ever signing up. Ridiculously quick private chat.

anonymously or pseudonymously., and each conversation has a plain, shareable URL

I created this from the ground up, starting with a Node.js-based API with socket support. The web app was hacked together with jQuery, but lately I've changed my focus to mobile. Version 1.0 of the Android app is under development right now, to replace the alpha version currently on Google Play.


A community platform focused on bringing like-minded people together in groups, instead of the classic broadcasting of messages to an impersonal audience.

Evolved into a real-time communication platform for strangers, friends, and colleagues, and has remained tailored towards groups.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, Socket.IO, node.js

Music-focused site, utilizing audio posted to LunchTables to create a simplified music player experience. When showcasing tracks from SoundCloud, utilizes node.js to convert mp3 streams to ogg, in order to use native audio in ogg-supporting browsers.

Technologies: HTML5 Audio, CSS3, node.js


Legacy. An outlet for the fledgling Flash animator / game-maker. Grew into the host of more eclectic content, from TI-83 programs to various videos. It has a PHP/MySQL back-end and admin management which allows control over almost all aspects of the site.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash, ActionScript

previous clients

Radford University EMS

In order to maintain the organization's URL using a school subdomain that only allows static HTML, a single HTML document was created to hold the site skeleton and navigation functionality. The public-facing HTML page makes AJAX calls to a script on a server running PHP, which fetches administrator-created pages from a MySQL database.

Dean J. Baer Artist

Created my own CMS called Easy Site Package, which allows the client to independently manage the site. Used as both a study in developing a CMS and, simultaneously, a real-life application. Developed using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and AJAX.